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  The new trailer for the 7th dwarf has just been released. The same dwarfs that attracted millions of moviegoers, are coming back to the big screen in a fun familiy adventure. AF was involved in 3D animation, lighting, rendering, compositing, grading and the overall project ...
As the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi are already over, winter sports enthusiasts can now enjoy the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games. And of course they best tune in on the ZDF broadcast. Not only because we delivered the trailers and broadcast package for this event as well.
AF will be presenting its latest project during the Hamburg Dokumentarfilmwoche April 9 - 11, 2014, titled "Another Day Of Life" - a 'hybrid' feature film with documentary interviews and Motion Capture animation. Based on the book by famous war reporter Ryszard Kapucinksi with the same title, ...
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